It is nice to know you are not alone. I have been having a salty taste in
my mouth from time to time over the last year. Two to three weeks ago
the salty taste started 24 hours a day. Ugh! Nasty! I do not like salt in
general and do not salt my food. Of course frys have salt and taset good.
I have cut down on pkgd. food and eat mostly organic. I drink 60-80
ounces of water a day so do not think I am dehydrated. I did start
eating 2 squares of Hershey's Cacao Reserve dark chocolate bar with
Cacao Nibs (bits of coffee bean) about 3 weeks ago. Could this have
anything to do with it. Everything else has been pretty much the same.
I am a 63 yr. old overweight female with arthrits in my right knee and
water retention in my right ankle. I sit most of the day wtih my leg elevated. Not much excerise. Any help would be welcomed.
Thank you.