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Good day all. I was a hard core perc/ vic user for about 6yrs. Finally had it..guy id get from had none and i was flipping all know that uh oh feeling. Well he says hey i do have a 8mg strip..took it and took it felt a ton got me thinking ...hey i kinda can feel..smell and see things again. So whats the chances of tapering quick within a week. He did give me 2 more strips ...i wanna do this quick. Day1 took whole strip..day2 half strip ...suggestions from here on out??? Blessed day you all


hey i am doing the exact same thing!i live in scotland and have been addicted to codiene on and off for ten years,scary to say it out loud!lately ive been gettin my prescription and eating the 60mg pills by the sick of being tied to them so i bought 4 8mg suboxone tablets.i plan on taking 8mg the first day(today),then 6mg tomoz,4mg,then do 2mg for 2 days then jump off.all my withdrawls in the past have been worst at day 3 n feeling not too bad at day 5.i reckon thatl get me through the worst of it n then its just grit n determination from then on sick of being a junkie,ever since my first opiate i was in love!!just got to stop wrecking my insides,god knows what ive done to myself.