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Currently i am taking 12mg suboxone a day my GP is looking to get me down to 8mg and then stabilize for a while, i have read from other users that the last 4-5mg and lower is obviously going to be the hardest. I was just wondering at this stage wether buying diazepam on the street and using in a prn fashion would be of any use. Or does anyone have any suggestions apart from vitamins on any other help. Or should i just man up, all comments welcome .Thankyou%-)


Hi sand well done for using suboxone for opiate withdrawal. I found it to be the best compared with methedone and other treatments, suboxone had giving me clarity and allowed me to deal with the shame and guilt attached with recovery. I am surrently taking 4mg daily having recently dropped from 6mg. I have been finding this very hard, aches, pains and acute withdrawal and this has lasted longer than usual on my downward taper. I was giving some Valium to help with sleep and relaxing and have found it to be an enormous help. I no longer wake up in sweats, my suboxone seems to run out 12-18 hours after dosing. I will warn you right now that benzo drugs are also addictive so I have only been using say10-20mg along with my subs and not for prolonged periods of time. To answer your question, in my opinion, diazipam has been a great help for me but please be honest with your doctor about what you are doing. Most doctors understand that if something helps as long as you are not getting high they will support you or at the very least give you more information on the mixing of benzo's and subs.