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My son is 8 years old, and 2 months ago he got the diagnose of DM during very traumatic days in hospital. All this is so frightening and as a mom I try to give him the confidence that everything is going to be ok. There is one thing tough that I panic myself just to think about it: hypoglicemia. Especially the issue of night-time hypos (which I’ve heard can be very serious) freaks me out! Fortunately until now he has had some mild hypos during the day and not at night. But his BG is not good enough yet so his insulin doses was changed again yesterday. I’m pretty afraid of the night-time hypos, does anyone have effective tips about it? Any tip is welcome!


The more you know about it the more confident you get, you are right to look for as much information as possible. First thing about night hypos are the symptoms: normally a child experiencing night hypos will wake up not feeling so good, either with headaches or  tiredness, irritability and even confusion. Some children report having more nightmares and you also notice damp sheets and pyjamas.

There are some days where you can consider that he risk of hypo is bigger, for example the days that your son has done a lot of physical activity (I mean intense, more than he is usually used to), the very warm nights can also precipitated hypo. These nights when you already suspect that there is higher risk you can test his BG around 3 am. You should anyhow be doing this occasionally (according to what you agree with the doctor). I don’t know what insulin regimen he has, but avoid using too much insulin to correct hyper before sleeping (normally at night a patient needs less insulin than during the day to correct his or her hyper). Always keep the glucose meter next to his bed, and also pure glucose like the glucose gel. His doctor will agree with you what’s a minimum value from his bg before he goes to bed, so if necessary he will have a snack before sleeping. Don’t forget also to have glucagon in his room. And never forget to test his bg before sleeping!