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Hiya, I'm a type 1 for about 15 years now and everything seems to have changed in terms of my symptoms for hypos. In the past, seems like forever, I used to sweat, have weird dreams, unexpected energy swings and my lips used to tingle but you know I've never been hungry which really doesn't make sense to me, low BG and not hungry. Actually just thinking about food with a hypo made my stomach upset. Overly, I thought this a good thing because it kept me from over eating when I had a hypo. I would simply take a glucose tab or little bit of juice and move on. Now, I'm hungry on a hypo and I want to eat everything sweet in site. My BG levels go sky high. Gee, what's going on. Can I get back to being not hungry again? Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.


Hello, I'm a type 1 too and for about 10 years I had typical symptoms like you for a hypo which included sweating, shaking, confusion like other diabetics. I don't recall ever feeling hungry, however, once I ate something sweet I would gobble everything in site. It was so difficult to stop eating. I really think this may be psychological since you're not hungry maybe you think you're going to die so you must take in sugar. Well, that may be the case for me. Obviously, your not being hungry during a hypo affected you differently. After ten years, I didn't experience these hypo symptoms at all but I got vision problems and I thought that was hypers, how weird. I measured my BG and I was hypo and very dim vision. It took me a while to respond to this new symptom. When I did eat a piece of fruit it tasted strange. Obviously we are both type1 yet we have experienced changes in our symptoms for hypos after being 10 years or so diabetic. There must be something different about the two of us bringing about these changes. There are so many factors involved in terms of hypo symptoms.