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Hello everyone, I recently got into the cycling and running. Now I was thinking that you would burn more calories while running and fewer while cycling. Now the reason I'm looking at this is because, I really not running material but I can go for the cycling. I suppose I could do a little of both. I think more cycling than running. I know there are a lot of runners and cyclers out there who have diabetes and I was wondering if you have done any blood glucose experiments to determine which is best or perhaps a combination of both is best. If you have, I would dearly like to know. Thanks for sharing.


Hello, In my experience I prefer to cycle simply because I think it's easier to do. Running is so energy consuming or so you would think and hurts all over. As a type 2 I have found that I can lower my blood glucose levels better with cycling than I can with running. This is great for me because running to me is really hard. In the beginning, I was unaware that you could generate a hypo by cycling. I mean after all it seems you would need far less carbs to bike then to run. Doesn't that seem reasonable? Apparently the way this works is that short fast runs actually lower BG while long runs increase BGs. The reason for this is that you don't need to take on energy during the short run while the long run you need to refuel while your running. At any rate it has been demonstrated that one hour on a cycle will burn more sugar than running for the same amount of time. This does seem odd because biking feels like it takes a whole lot less effort and I'm less tired when I'm done as opposed to running. I'm absolute beat when I run.


As far as long distance running goes, it is difficult to fuel properly for distance and keep your BG at a safe level. You need to refuel somewhere in your run. So this raises your BG in the end. So stick to short fast runs or stay on the bike to consistently keep good BG levels. If you're a Type 1 you can also use insulin to adjust your high BG levels. If you're not using insulin the only way to get a high BG down is to exercise more. In the case of generating hypos, you can fuel your exercise but you risk raising your HbA1C level.