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Hello everybody, I'm a newly diagnosed type 2 and I'm still learning about what diabetes is and still confused. I have a question: can type 2 diabetics get hypoglycemia? I know we have to much sugar running around in our blood and that means hyperglycemia. So, if we have too much sugar, how do we get to low blood sugar (hypoglycemia)? I'm having some problems with hyperglycemia in the morning and a few hypos before I eat a meal. My doctor says I'm okay for now. I'm still working on my diet and exercise regime. Can someone help me with the hypoglycemic situation. Thanks.



Hello, Individuals with type 2 are especially at risk of hypoglycemia. Hypos can develop when blood glucose levels go below normal levels. This can be due to not eating enough food, doing too much exercise, drinking too much alcohol or overdosing with insulin and this is true of type 1 and type 2s.


If you haven't eaten for a long while, your blood sugar levels could drop very low all of a sudden. Now your liver can release glucose to tide you over but sometimes that's not enough fast enough. At those times you should take some sugar pills or candy to bring you blood sugar levels up quickly so you don't experience hypo symptoms which can be quite serious. If you are doing intense or prolonged exercise, you can burn up all the sugar you have plus what the liver put out and you go to a hypo. You'll need some sugar tabs or light meal to tied you over to your next meal. If you've been drinking alcohol, this inhibits the release of glucose from the liver when you need it and you can experience a hypo at that point. You should be eating something while you are drinking alcohol to maintain normal blood sugar levels. Individuals on insulin can accidentally inject too much insulin causing blood glucose levels to drop rapidly and create a hypo.