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I’m 29 years old and I have had diabetes for 17 years now Last week I was with my girlfriend and actually from one minute to the other I was almost unconscious and if my gf wouldn't be there to notice that it was probably a hypo and hadn't  immediately given me a sugar tablet I would really have gone to a severe hypo. I'm very scared about it. It took me 40 minutes to feel ok after that. I had heard already about this 'hypo unawareness” when you don’t have the ability anymore  to recognize the onset of a hypo, but when it happens to you it's really a nightmare! Please help me!


It is not easy to not experience anymore the usual warning symptoms of a hypo I am glad your gf was with you! But listen, there are some things you can do about it and should do about it. Hypo unawareness has a great impact on people's lives, socially and emotionally.  The first thing I suggest is telling your family, friends and colleagues at your work about it. The more people know about it, the less you will feel afraid that it happens and they will know how to help you. Testing your BG frequently actually helps a lot to avoid hypos. You can also discuss with your doctor about aiming a higher target for your bg then you make also the risk smaller. And you can also discuss with your GP about CGM (continuous glucose monitor), this device is getting better and I heard good experiences with it, just don't forget to check about the reimbursement for it. Of course you should have glucagon with you and tell friends anf family how to use it.