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I have been using insuline since I was 9 years old, first porcine insulin injections, then human analog insulin injections, then insulinepen, and now after 16 years I will probably start on the insuline pump especially because lately sometimes I cannot recognize hypo symptoms, and also because I just got married and if I get pregnant I heard that pump is good choice. I have been collecting a lot of information about it and I couldn't find much information about porcine, but I read it's supposed to help me recognizing symptoms of a hypo? Does anyone have experience with porcine insulin and pump?


There are very few data on insulin pump and insulin porcine. There are quite a few patients who have used them and reported good results. But there are also medical centers who have refused in the past to do it.  The thing is that all insulin currently available in the US is human insulin. Talking about your specific situation, first of all, human insulin should be used during pregnancy, so if you are planning to get pregnant that's a good reason to continue on human insulin. Having said that, it is true that some patients have experienced loss of awareness of hypos when they moved from animal to human insulin, but you have all been some years on human insulin, and you have had DM all those 16 years so you can experience some loss of ability to recognize hypos. Rather than moving to an insulin pump with animal insulin I would for sure go to human insulin and pump. The fact that you move to the pump should already help you to have less hypos. Until some years ago you could get a porcine insulin called Hypurin from the UK, but I'm not sure whether this is still possible, all diabetic people I know have moved to human insulin due to the fact that the future availability of animal insulin is considered uncertain.