I've been on 25mg for three years for insomnia. I had terrible sleeping problems for about 17 years and when I took seroquel it was like a miracle because I could sleep eight hours straight for the first time in so long. It was always like clockwork, never waking up and always getting exactly 8 hours a night.

Once I started looking on internet searches though of side effects I was esp. frightened by tardive dyskinesia--It's been three days since I've been trying to half the dose. It's incredible how awful I feel just from cutting this amount. I'm going back to chinese doctors though for sleep and meditation because it just seems so evident that this drug is dangerous. Good luck to everyone out there struggling with this drug. There have to be other solutions.

This is from wikipedia below--for those that want to read more about it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tardive_dyskinesia

Tardive dyskinesia most commonly occurs in patients with psychiatric conditions who are treated with anti psychotic medications for many years. Some estimates suggest that it occurs in 15-30% of patients receiving treatment with anti psychotic narcoleptic medications for 3 months or longer.[citation needed] “A study being conducted at the Yale University School of Medicine has estimated that 32% of patients develop persistent tics after 5 years on major tranquilizers, 57% by 15 years, and 68% by 25 years.”[6] Other estimates suggest that with each year of neuroleptic use, 5% of the patients will show signs of tardive dyskinesia, i.e., 5% after one year, 10% after two years, 15% after three years with no clear upper limit.[7] Eventually, according to these estimates, if on the drugs long enough, the majority of patients will develop the disorder.