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Recently, well for over a year, i've been experiencing a few weird and very worrying symptoms.
I'm fifteen, female, 5'4, 110 pounds.

What occurs:

1. Shortness of breath - Starting this year, every now and then when I'm doing normal activities like homework or talking to some I'll inhale quickly, like when you cry so much it's impossible to breathe. It doesn't hurt but is confusing.

2. Shaking - It happens constantly. At the moment, my hands are shaking crazily. It only happens with my hands and legs. One case was horrible where I couldn't stand and support myself with my legs.

3. Dizziness - I'll feel sick and my head begins spinnng. Happens often.

4. Chest aches - It feels like my heart is throbbing and send shocks through my body. Occurs randomly and usually lasts for only five minutes but still hurts. A lot.

Anyone have any ideas?

My mom says she'll take me to the doctor but I have a feeling she'll "forget" about it.

Please help me.


Hi there, I am assuming what you are describing is an anxiety related problem. Can you be sure to follow up with your mom about it a lot? The squeaky wheel gets the grease and you do have a right to take care of your health. Let me know how it goes okay?