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My name is Karen. I am 28 and I am writing to try to get some answers and/or advice regarding my symptoms, in particular, having to do with undiagnosed stomach cramps (not period related) that come and go for a about a year now and the new symptom of constipation. I've been to the gynecologist and general practitioner about the cramps and tenderness and they can't find the cause. They usually suspect ovarian cysts since I have a family history of them but the ultrasounds don't show it, and then they send me home. I've also had various other symptoms, but no tests are ever done on me other than a CBC, urine tests, and the occasional ultrasound. Right now, I am constipated, which has been going on for a little over 2 weeks, and is not normal for me. There is only one other time I was constipated and it was about 2 years ago due to taking prenatal vitamins.
I am seriously concerned that something is wrong with me this time because my stomach is getting more intense cramps than I've ever experienced during times that weren't related to my period- woke me up one night (although less frequently than when they started 2 weeks ago). Also, the constipation seems to be getting worse even though I've been taking the Benefiber my doctor recommended (Haven't had bowel movement in almost 3 days when I used to have 3 a day). I have suspected I might have IBS for years now due to many episodes of diarrhea, gas, bloating, stomach cramps before having a bowel movement, but never actually tried to get it diagnosed because I knew there was no cure and it was not a serious illness. Other symptoms I've had recently is feelings that I haven't emptied my bowels, like I need to empty my bowels but nothing comes out, popping sounds in my stomach, pinkish and whitish mucous in my bowels, red spots on toilet paper after I wiped and a few on feces, I also get stomach cramps instead of my usual sign that I need to urinate because I've noticed that at times urinating relieves the cramps. I should mention that when I went to see my doctor 2 weeks ago it was due to the blood in my stool. She did a test where a swab was placed in my anus to see if I tested positive for blood and it was negative. Also, she placed a microscope, I think, in my anus for a few seconds and looked through it and said she didn't see anything. The blood and mucous in my feces is a small amount and not always present and I usually notice one or the other, not both. Also, today when I urinated I noted some white mucousy stuff in the toilet (This is something new). I just had a urine test yesterday and it was negative, so it can't be a UTI, right? My stomach cramps are worse when I am laying on my back and go away when I am moving. I am not taking any medication, although the doctor prescribed me something for stomach spasms she asked me to take if I had the stomach pain again and told me to take colace for constipation. I took the colace this morning but it hasn't worked yet. I am more interested in finding the root cause, not treating the symptoms. Please help. What should I do? This doctor seems really nice, but like the others I've seen I don't think she believes me and the negative tests don't help, but I know there are other better tests out there. I should also mention a few more things. I have really bad stomach cramps before my periods and on the first day of my period- can hardly move, cause diarrhea, take 2 aleves and it just helps a little. I have been trying to get pregnant for over a year and been unsuccesful. I had a miscarriage last year at 2 months- unknown cause. I have various family members that have died from or had various cancers, uterine, colon, prostate, brain tumor, cervical cancer, but they are not my immediate family. Well, my mom had a hysterectomy due to cervical cancer, but my dad hasn't had cancer and I have no siblings, so I am talking about my grandfather, great aunt, great uncle, and great grandfather. I was diagnosed with HPV both the high and low risk types, but my last 3 pap smears have been normal. I don't have any other STDs. Doctor have suspected I might have intersittital cystitis ((due to frequent urination (I get up at least 4 times a night to go to the bathroom and only pee a little each time) and stomach cramps)) and endometriosis (due to my severe cramps around my period) but I haven't had the testing to confirm either of those because it requires invasive surgery. Any advice would be helpful. I am feeling reluctant to schedule another doctor's appointment again because they seem like more of a waste of time. The same tests are run over and over, instead of trying different ones, and then the send me on my way without an answer.


Its me again. I came back on due to trouble sleeping from abdominal cramps and excessive noise coming from my stomach. I had 1 bowel movement since I took the colace a day ago and it consisted of 2 very small (1/2 an inch or less) circles of poop, not exactly sure that counts. I am still eating as much, if not more, than usual. It makes me wonder where my food is going. I'm not gaining or losing weight, although I also look somewhat bloated. Also, last night when I was watching a movie with my husband, he said I was farting a lot. I couldn't even tell. Maybe my gas has increased so much that I can't even smell my farts?

I thought I'd also share some of my other symptoms that come and go and have been undiagnosed. I figure its best to have it all in one post in case these things could be related. Although in the past few weeks I haven't experienced this (thankfully), I was getting these head pains that were like electrical impulses/shocks and they were getting more frequent. They would only occur on a small part of my head and in different locations each time. The longest lasted about 2 minutes. I have not seen or told a doctor about this due to bad experiences in the past. If you tell them about too many symptoms, they don't believe you. I also get numbing in my hands and legs sometimes. I'll be walking and all of a sudden I lose sensation in my legs and I fall. Usually, I can feel it coming on and I can place my hands appropriately so I don't get injured or stop myself from taking the next step and falling. This is bothersome because I don't know when it will happen. I have limited the time I spend walking due to fear of another episode. I also get something similar happening with my hands. I'll be holding a glass and suddenly a loss of sensation happens and its like my hand goes numb and I release it. When I can feel it coming on, I sometimes catch what I drop with my other hand, but sometimes I don't. This has made me fear lifting weights a little. If this happens when I am holding a weight, I can seriously hurt myself. I don't know if this is irrational thinking or not. What do you think? I think I mentioned this to a doctor in the past and it was written off as well, so I haven't said anything about it anymore but I am still wondering the cause and if there is anything I can do about it. I also get from time to time, but it has not been happening much lately, this very painful vein clot that forms in my feet around the same location. It causes my legs to go numb. It doesn't last very long. It looks like a small green ball on the side of my foot. (In case you are thinking I am making this up, ask my husband, he has seen it. He has experienced me dropping things out of nowhere; every symptom I've written about that can be heard or physically observed by another person has been). From time to time, I also have chronic pain in my hands that is worse when I type or move my fingers. I have told a doctor about this and they said my hands looked fine and I was too young to have arthritis.

Also, in the past year or two, I have had the following problems that have been diagnosed and treated: non-cancerous cyst removed from my neck, noncancerous cyst removed from my mouth, infections in my mouth before and after wisdom tooth removal & root canal procedures, trismus of the jaw for a month after wisdom tooth removal surgery, mouth ulcers, been treated for inflamation in my eyes, bacterial vaginosis and yeast infection, an ear infection that persisted longer than it should have; then had a hearing test and had some hearing loss in that ear, but was told there was no treatment for it. On the positive side, I rarely get sick with a cold or the flu, but when I do I am really sick. Any ideas on what I could have or what type of doctor/specialist I should see are very much appreciated. I am reluctant to go to the doctor and tell them all these things due to my negative experiences in the past, but I want some answers. What should I say to a doctor?