I am a 16 year old female and i have been experiencing these symptoms for about 2 years now. I feel constantly hungry and when i try to relieve this by eating i can only take a small amount of food and i feel sick and have a lot of discomfort. After eating i have to curl up in bed to try gain some comfort. Even after eating (forcing down) a reasonable meal i still have these hunger pangs. I have had no answers from doctors. i went private to try get results quicker. i had blood tests taken and revealed that i had a significant increase in eosinophilia 2.2. otherwise everything else was about normal. I also have had a gastroscopy and biopsies were taken from my stomach and duodenum. They came back normal and negative for H. pylori and ulcers. I also had a ultrasound of my stomach and the scans were clear but revealed a cyst on my left ovary about 3cm. I had a follow up ultrasound and it revealed that the cyst had taken its course and was no longer there. On Monday i also had a gastric emptying study where i had to blow into a bag every 15 minuets for 2 hours then every 30 minuets for the next 2 hours. I have yet to have the results from this but i feel like it was just a waist of my time. I have exams at the moment and this feeling is not helping. Its making me more stressed and uncomfortable than needs be. My mood is changing and all i want to do is to hide away from everyone. Its beginning to get in the way of my friends and family i can't enjoy going out for dinner or socializing because of the constant hunger making me hangry. (hungry and angry). I am also a competitive rower and i require a lot of energy to do so and because i am not eating to gain nutrients all my hard work and muscle building is just coming right back off. I have a slow metabolism and i don't lose weight easily haven't being eaten well for much for a year not and i have been exercising constantly to keep up with my competitors but my weight remains the same or even increases. I get bloated and very uncomfortable. 

Please i would like some answers as i want to continue to push myself and be able to be comfortable in my own skin again.

If anyone has any answers or experiences anything will help thank you :)