Hello, for the past two days I've been having pain in my chest when I eat or drink. The pain is right on the soft spot of my chest just under the ribs directly in the middle. Heres what happened...

I woke up and played video games for about 3 hours, I was fine. I got hungry and ate some waffles with syrup and butter, nothing weird, I have eaten tons of waffles thoughout my life so i know I'm not allergic. Then I took some vitamins, the same ones I've been taking for the past month, Arganine, Zinc, Carnatine, and Fish Oil. I took them all at once like I usually do and washed it down with a full 16.9 oz bottle of room temperature water. Then I got dressed and went on a small half hour hike with the dog. Slowly during the hike I started feeling like when you dont swallow a pill right and it gets stuck in your throat and it got worse as time went on. I know I got the pills down because I drank that whole bottle of water. I chugged it too, so i wasnt just sipping it. After a few hours it still hadnt gone away so I tried eating something thinking it would push the imaginary pills down. Nope. Eating felt like when you eat pancakes too fast and you can feel it going down your esophogus the entire time. The next day the throat pain went away but now 2 days later I just have pain in my chest, not my throat, and its only when I eat or drink. I feel a little discomfort when taking deep breaths but not too bad.

Let me back up about a week and a half... Me and my wife were eating dinner at this mediteranean place. I was half way through my meal when I started getting that pancake in the throat feeling so I decided to slow down thinking it was the pita and hummus getting stuck. I waited about 5 minutes before eating again and BOOM, very first bite after 5 minutes I had the same thing happen. I could just feel it going down my throat the whole way. I had to stop eating because it was uncomfortable. I was completely fine the next day and have been since until this weekend. 

If anyone can give me some insight I'd really appreciate it. My first though goes to some sort of throat cancer, but I might just be paranoid. Let me know if you need any more info, I tried to be as detailed as I could.