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I am eighteen years old and my abdominal pain started 8 months ago.
It is around my belly button area, it feels full, heavy, pressured and bloated. I always feel hungry. Laying down makes it feel a little better.
I have had many blood tests, a CT scan, an ultrasound, a colonoscopy, an endoscopy. I have been tested for infection, ulcers, cancer, HIV, diabetes and celiac. Everything turned out negative. I have done a 'back to basics' diet where all I ate was salad, vegetables and grilled chicken and drank water.

I do not have diarrhea, vomiting or constipation.  
I do not have an ovarian cyst (would have shown in the CT scan).

The pain gets worse after eating. The pain is not relieved after I go to the bathroom.

I have been going to the doctors for a while now and they have no idea. Please help.


Have they done a HIDA with CCK to check your gallbladder function? How about a blood test for HPylori? I have had both issues arise within a month or two of one another. A little confused on which caused what because both can have similar symptoms. Just two things I would suggest you have ruled out if you haven't already. CT scans/ultrasounds will only show if you have GB stones or sludge, not the function of your gallbladder. Hope you get some answers, it can be physically and emotionally draining when this goes on and on with no answers.