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Not sure how to explain this one.

For past 2 days now I've been having this pain in the lower left side of my abdomen and from what I gather around the kidney area. That's how it started off and gradually it got to the point that the pain was in 2 components: 1 sharp pain near the kidney and overall general discomfort in the abdomen (like doing way too many sit-ups or pulling a muscle).

It only acts up when I'm hungry (I did not see the correlation yesterday), but the pain comes on so strong that I can't even tell if I am hungry. It isn't until my stomach rumbles (and gas I assume escapes somewhere, no, not burping or farting) that the pain instantaneously goes away. The pain is so great that it makes me lose concentration.

So I have been eating (small amounts) whenever I get these pains and drinking plenty of water throughout the day and it seems to work. But within 1-2 hours after eating the pain comes back bringing w/ new hunger pangs.

My question is, if this is to do with hunger, why start this new pain so late on in life? How come I have never had this pain when I've been hungry (thousands) of times before?

I fear my body is trying to tell me something and as such I will be going to a doctor this weekend, I have searched on google and on these forums for the answers I seek but most of them are pointing to Diverticulitis but my family has no history of this.

I must admit that I have never drank as much water as I should and this is a wakeup call, do you guys think this is/was an early indication of dehydration?

I just don't understand why these "kidney" pains are associated w/ hunger. I did get my wisdom teeth removed 2 months ago and have been having severe toothaches, the SAME DAY that these pains started I developed a lump on the roof of my mouth, I think I need a root canal but I honestly don't think there is any correlation b/w these 2 but then again I'm no doctor.

Any tips/suggestions/answers will be greatly appreciated!


ive had similar symptom myself i just got an endoscopy and waiting on the results in the mean time i take 150 mg zantec 1 in the morning and 1 at night (so 2 a day). i never quite drank enough water myself and also i had to eat every 2 or 3 hours or the pain comes back. ill keep you posted on the results.

Good luck