Analysis of the 567 offenders’ case show that about 10 % of the offenders, either paedophiles, adult sex offenders or exhibitionists, end up doing it again.

It is a scary thought and experts report that there is no cure for this sickness as it is not a medical problem and cannot be cured. However, in many cases, psychological treatments help especially in those who went through the whole program and understood and worked through the relevant psychological issues.

Although statistics show that certain treatment programs have cut re-offending by up to 40%, these psychological treatments may only reduce the rates of abuses but no sex offender can ever be trusted again as they may repeat their acts.

Sex offenders get most of the therapies from the NHS, prison and probation services. They are talking therapies in which certain physiological issues have been discussed.
More research is intended to understand the difference between the pedophiles and adult sex offenders.