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As a General Practice Physician, who has suffered with this same condition discussed in this forum for over 20 years, I have decided to respond with a long post. I shall attempt to tell you more than you care to know about this nagging condition, in hopes that you may find peace and solice from this troubling, tormenting, time-consuming, financially-draining, and self-defeating disease.

If I help one person to take control of this condition, it was worth my time.

The vast majority of the posts I have read, seem to suffer from CLASSIC: Seborrheic Dermatitis (As I have for years). And, some of you may have a mild component of "Rosacea" (a redness disorder, extreme sensitivity to any facial product, sunlight, and possibly foods), or "Psoriasis" (a cell-turnover disorder or "skin shedding disorder") mixed-in with your "Seb Derm".

In this post, I will attempt to tell you: 1) the basic CLASSIC MEDICAL APPROACH to treatment of this Seb Derm; and 2) methods that may not be completely conventional, but are based on MEDICAL SCIENCE and have been shown to work in many cases.

IT IS IMPORTANT TO KEEP IN MIND, THAT THE SKIN IS A UNIQUE ENTITY. NO TWO SKIN CONDITIONS ARE THE SAME. This is largely because of genetic factors, skin type, ethnicity, climate, and even your state of "hydration" can affect your skin. SO, WHAT WORKS FOR ONE PERSON, MAY NOT WORK FOR YOU. TREATING SKIN CONDITIONS IS LARGELY TRIAL AND ERROR.

With Seborrheic Dermatitis, A.K.A. "Seborrhea", A.K.A. "Dandruff" in common terms (A.K.A. "Cradle Cap" in Babies) one will have: 1) crusting/flaking in any of these areas: mustache, beard, or scalp. 2) itching; 3) redness. There may also occasionally be a "greasy" clearish-yellow, oily "ooze" from these areas, during a severe flare-up (this is "sebum", flowing from the inflamed sebum glands).

As a physician, I can tell you that [medical school teaches] that this is caused by a yeast called Malassezia furfur, formerly known as Pityrosporum ovale, on the skin surface, which over a period of days overgrows leading to an ARMY of yeast on the skin surface. These yeast release mycolic acids on the skin, which are very irritating to it. This also alters skin pH.

You then..... S C R A T C H like a mangy dog! You rub BACTERIA + YEAST into your broken skin, further irritating it.

It does not appreciate this!

It gets MAD! The fact that you just mowed the lawn, and sweat like a water buffalo also helps the yeast to grow, as they love the warm humid environment.

Now. Something that med school DID NOT and still to my knowledge DOES NOT [YET] teach, but [MOST] Dermatologists, and other Physicians accept as another important contributing factor to "Seb Derm" can be [get ready, I hope you are sitting down], face mites.

Now, these are primarily associated with Rosacea, not seb derm. However, there is becoming more evidence to show that there is more overlap between these two diseases. These "FACE MITES" are actual little bugs, also known as "eyelash mites", that live down in the base of the hair follice, inside the Sebum gland. The more scientific name of this mite is called Demodex folliculorum. In dogs, a variant similar to this is what causes "Red Mange". If you would like to see a picture of these mites just google them.

Now that I have you totally scared to death: Realize this- EVERYONE has these mites normally- to some degree. These live on everyone. However, those with Rosacea, and [probably] seb derm as well, have MASSIVE AMOUNTS of these mites on their faces and skin surface. These mites, both male and female, only come out at night, while you are sleeping, they breed, and then crawl back into their hole, which is: the Sebum Gland. All these mites living in your sebum gland help keep it inflamed and irritated, and encourage it to pour out sebum. (theoretically). This thick oily sebum, is then "Thanksgiving Dinner" for the YEAST!

So, the COMBINATION: 1) YEAST; + 2) FACE MITES; and 3) NORMAL FACE BACTERIA; (particularly Staph), tends to keep your face in a Royal Mess!

It is speculated that the reason one person gets seb derm, but another person does NOT get seb derm, is because of TWO FACTORS:

1) GENETICS- Seb Derm itself, is not inherited; however, the tendency to GET Seb derm IS inherited. What one actually inherits, is an INABILITY of the immune system to [for some reason] fight off either the fungus, or the face mites, or both ==> ultimately allowing fungal overgrowth and redness and itching.

2) IMMUNE SYSTEM VULNERABILITES- If you have had Seb Derm since, let's say, High School, you most likely have the genetic type. If however, you are well into adulthood, and suddenly develop Seb Derm for the first time ever, and have never had any "dandruff" type problems before- you should probably ask your doctor to do some blood work to check your immune system- as SEB DERM can be the FIRST SIGN of other more serious IMMUNE DISORDERS. (Don't panic here folks, just ask them and get it checked) (all of the ones I am talking about are very treatable).


1. Realize that this disease requires DAILY DISCIPLINE/MAINTENANCE/PAMPERING OF YOUR SKIN, or it will get worse.

2. Depression and Anxiety will worsen this disorder. (they cause an elevation of cortisol, which the yeast thrive on!). So get any emotional problems treated by a professional, if you are depressed or anxious- this should help your skin!

3. You must have meticulous hygiene, and you can no longer be "the lazy cave man, who says "oh I'll shave week".

4. Take charge, and this thing cannot control your life.

5. Read everything you can get your hands on, and educate yourselves about the 3 conditions I have discussed, from CREDIBLE sources. BE SURE they are CREDIBLE sources folks. Some might be, ***edited by moderator*** web addresses not allowed, etc.
Go to your local library if necessary. Print up articles. File them. Become your own expert.

6. Go to a Good Dermatologist who will spend time with you, or even a family doctor if they are willing to work with you and spend time with you and listen to you. A good doctor is not always the one with the most qualifications, but the one with the investigative wit, tenacity, and interest in your case. If you are not happy- MOVE ON TO ANOTHER DOCTOR.

7. You may want to bring articles of interest (i.e., pictures of the face mites) to your doctor for discussion for emphasis. (these mites are actually NEW in medicine, and many doctors are unaware of them).

8. Don't be afraid of making your doctor mad, or of getting another doctor, if he is not willing to hear what you have to say and try to seek out the best treatment. THIS IS NOT A POPULARITY CONTEST. YOUR HEALTH COMES FIRST.

9. Consider asking your doc to test you for: 1) immune deficiencies, and 2) Auto-immune disorders (i.e., Lupus, etc.)

10. INSIST on a "Demodex Scraping" if you are at a dermatologist who is familiar with them, and/or does them. (they will look at a scraping under the microscope for the face mites). (you can just ask the derm's nurse if they ever do demodex scrapings, she'll know)

11. INSIST on a SCRAPING of the RASH for YEAST CULTURES, BACTERIAL CULTURES, and HISTOLOGY. Tell them you want to know a "Laboratory Confirmed Diagnosis", not just a "Clinical Diagnosis". (the fungal cultures will take weeks to get back, but it's worth it- mark your calendar, and CALL THEM to follow up, don't expect them to call you, nowadays, medical mishaps happen way too often).

12. Once 9, 10, 11, is done- a more concrete diagnosis can be reached, things can be excluded, and treatment can be guided to your specific situation.

13. Steroid Creams will usually get your condition under control fast. The tradeoff: they will cause THINNING of the skin over time and can cause "red blood vessels" to become visible on your face. (this is part of Rosacea, called telengectasias). Steroids can also cause "rebound" or withdrawal flareups.

Do do I use steroid cream? Yes. There is a place for them in my opinion. But they should be used sparingly. I use a weak steroid ointment- for mild flares, or 1% hydrocortisone for more troublesome flares. However, if one maintains GOOD HYGIENE, and GOOD SKIN CARE, you will find it is very rare that he requires topical steroids. Even then, I would probably only use it when I needed a quick fix (i.e., such as social event coming up). Also, be very careful of the STRENGTH of steroid cream you put on your face- make sure it is one for the face. Using too potent a cream can thin the skin.

I intended to go more into the specific medications, but it is late at night, and I'm tired, so I will just tell JUST A FEW of my favorite meds (and some OTHER TIPS) and you can ask your docs about them. Here goes:


Nizoral Cream (Ketoconazole Cream 2%) - Still one of the best Antifungal Creams- works great to kill the specific yeast we discussed.
Nizoral Shampoo (Ketoconazole Shampoo 2%)
Permethrin Cream - great to kill the demodex face mites. (also kills scabies, lice, etc); good for those with pustules/acne;
Metrogel- an antifungal and antibiotic; reduces the demodex mite population on the skin.
Triamcinolone Ointment 0.1% - is a very weak steroid for the face; yet is very moisturizing; can be put on at night.
Hydrocortisone Cream 1% - or other steroid creams (there are many) for flairs.


Aveeno Positively Radiant Cleanser (or Pads)- The best, non-irritating facial cleanser- with nutrients, I have found; Buy at Walmart.
Shaving Cream: Nivea For Men, Sensitive Shaving Gel, Alcohol-Free (white/blue can) ; Wal-Mart
Nivea For Men, Sensitive Lotion; (apply within 2 minutes of shaving) (always keep face clean and moisturized) ("baby your skin")


Panasonic ES-LA93-K Vortex Men's Shaver- $192.26 at Amazon; I recommend switching to a VERY GOOD electric razor. This one is expensive, but worth it. It is also excellent for scalp shaving.


Braun M90 Mobile Shaver, $19.62 at Amazon, Great way to shave on the go, if you are a busy person.

(Note: I would recommend waiting until your face is doing well to switch razors, as to not further irritate it)

GENERAL TIPS: Maintaining good hydration and fluid balance (i.e., drinking water) is important for skin health. Maintain Good Nutrition, generally, I recommend a multi-vitamin, b-complex, and fish oil. (that's about it) (don't over do it on the supplements) (there are tons of claims out there, and I have yet to find any that work).

15-20 min. SUNLIGHT: HELPFUL for Seb Derm, but usually aggravates rosacea. You may have to experiment and see what works for you.

HOT WATER: DEFINITELY aggravates Rosacea; and to a lesser degree, Seb Derm. (best to use cool or tap water on face)

FOODS: Rosacea- often worsened by hot food, hot tea/coffee/beverages; Liquor; spicey foods such as jalapeno peppers, etc.; experiment!

NOTE: No Rubbing alcohol on face. Ever. This is known to provoke Rosacea.




Stewie, M.D.


Hi, thanks for this. How often should we shave?

im 19, have rosacea/acne (rosacea makes spots even more red). I also have severe dry skin underneath my beard. Doctor diagnosed it as seb derm and said I should wash face with nizoral shampoo, but I'm afraid it will make it worse.




James im 19 too I'm going to school and I'm actually controlling this thing for the first time in my life. You need to shave every day. Growing a beard is out of the question. When I grew mine out it got dry within a week, and took about 3 weeks before it started to itch. I shaved it off and I had massive red, irritated patches of seb derm on my chin and around my mouth, in places I'd never had it before. Shave every day, and shave every part of your face. I noticed I have little hairs on and around my nose, shaving those helped a bit. If you have sensitive skin, which most of us with SD have, use an electric razor like Stewie said. It's very true also that you need to be meticulous with your hygiene. I now cleanse every day with Cerave to remove dead skin, dirt, and oils, all of which make the condition worse. Nizoral shampoo is a good option in my uneducated opinion. My skin is dry, so I can't shampoo it often, but in emergencies when I need to get rid of my SD fast I gently apply Head and Shoulders and leave it on for about a minute. Afterwards I have to moisturize but It usually helps with redness and seems to calm everything down.



when i have it, i use cleansers daily, and never go more than a day or so without shaving, unless im flaring, in witch case i hit it with hydrocortizone and wait a day. noxema is my standard cleanser. so thankfull i found this. my dad has been making syphillis jokes about this rash since before i was even sexualy active. so scary. so glad i finaly found something that 100% matches my symptoms, and actualy looks the same in pictures. by the way, would contact spread seb derm?



Hello doctor, it's so nice to see a dr. actually discussing in detail, am a sufferer for over 2 years, i got this at the age of 21.5, and since then i have tried everything, the first dr. i went to give me a t-bact cream and a useless shampoo, these didn't help, and she said that this is because of dandruff and it's common, i had flared lumps on my head, the 2nd doctor i went to actually was silent even when i asked him multiple questions and only just shaked his head in yes and no, this doctor was an old man and a senior dr. , he diagnosed this as recurrent folliculitis, gave me Doxycycline tabs and told me to take them for 2 months, needless to say nothing happened and these tabs only controlled the condition. That was after 8 months into occurring. (I have always controlled flare ups through this tab, but after it got addicted to my body and didn't work, i used to discontinue this tab and took Amoxicillin (anti-biotics) / day for 3-4 days and had a week without flare-ups till they come back) by this time, i started to seriously understand and research the condition and was looking for solutions, by this time i was also realizing that, this condition was increasing, and in beginning it happened only on some points on my scalp, i also realised there was a pattern of its occurrence, When it first developed, i literally observed it happening, i am an engineering student and i had a tough schedule to undergo exams, for which i wasn't prepared to go through, mainly because of my family troubles, which have also led to grave concern, anxiety, and expectations, while i was going through all this, i was not prepared to go through exams which were very unfairly timed( at times i had 5 papers in 3 days, all must-pass) with respect to other students, i had to give 11 papers in ten days, and while others gave 6 in that time frame, this was because my earlier results suffered because of my troubles as i mentioned, now without any sort of preparation i gave exams as scheduled, and they went badly, that worried me, as aforementioned expectations and troubles , including financial and emotional riddled me, not to forget, i lived in a metropolitan city and the cost of living took me down with average food, for a big guy like me, my diet was untimed, without any vegetables, and was usually low in terms of nutrition, and quality, though before this incident (10 months) i was eating well fortunately , i checked out my results and as expected i wasn't lucky and lost a year (bloody hell- system over here), i failed in 4/11 papers, and this caused a reaction on me, i was down, depressed, when i reached home, upon these expectations when i told my results to my mother, i flushed and immediately observed a lump peak on my scalp, stress got me. I applied for revaluation, took a photocopy of my answer sheet, while i had rightly answered as found in book, i was grossly unlucky to fail after spending bucks out of my savings and challenging the university, in this year loss, i developed insomnia, slept till noon's, and failed to find a place to work, i was very depressed and found myself undeserving to face all this, without any of my fault Now however after the year loss, i came back strong, was the top scorer in my class, overturned prejudice by teachers , my father and got a first class degree, meanwhile i was also working on my health, though food quality wasn’t really that good, but i grew conscious and tried to eat timely meals, cooked myself, but still wasn't able to eat vegetables properly, i started taking fruits, healthy food, completely eliminated sugar, became more hygienic, became positive, i also started working out and most importantly, i developed a habit of jogging weekly at least 3 times, ( i never found sweat troubling me) But there were twists, on the final result, my final result was again wrongly evaluated and to my surprise, i failed , knowing this i flushed pretty bad and this led to seb coming on my face (moustache), since then, having done all these, i still wasn't able to get rid of this, i now wanted to get rid of these entirely as I was conscious that long term use of allopathic medicine can be a detriment, i didn't mention, one of my experiments was to take ayurvedic medicine, they didn't work and i was told to take them for long periods, with some restrictions which my lifestyle in city didn't allow me to endure, however a cleanser or probiotic called "chirota" in Hindi, did help me in eliminating flare-ups without any tabs, i also took garlic lots of, to test, these didn't change condition overnight, but were steps in right direction, as i observed them for a month, since my lifestyle in city wasn't allowing me to get cured, i quit-ted city and returned to my place in order to get cured, i experimented with ayurveda again, but nothing seemed to fall in a pattern to help me recognize the solution, things helped a day, but the other day they worsened, determined as i was, i started reading more about the disease, at various forums, medical books, but there were no patterns , except stress, some even cured after applying coconut oil, tea tree oil, these things were not working for me, i then realized that i was battling the soldiers, but i wasn't fighting the operator of those soldiers, so even if i killed those mites, yeast, which cause the inflammation, by probiotics, tea tree oil, they came back, i understood that this actually stemmed when i was depressed and had developed as an anxiety disorder, no am sure i don't have any other problems because, as i told i observed it happening, also in general i never had to touch my medicine boxes, before this happened, i never was a fast food lover, i never had any sexual exp, before getting this i left smoking habit (2years smoking), ,am not a tobacco user, i didn't had any medical history and i didn't have any injections of any sort until 9 months (blood donation) into getting dermatitis, so i didn't have any immune disorders, i was a healthy slim male of 88 kg with a height of 6'4 , i would also like to tell my medicines for fever, pain, my first aid box, all medicines expired out of date, my general health is strong and still is, i never had weight fluctuations , unless it was exams, where i dropped 3-4 kgs at max, because i didn’t bother to eat, always had a weight of around 86-89 for the last 6 years, actually my immune system is overactive and is attacking those mites on my skin and thereby irritating my skin, causing inflammation, and antibiotics (limited use of 5-6 a month) actually suppressed that and I got the relief. so i finally turned to yoga, i

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, and practiced pranayama, initially i wasn't doing with the proper technique and after few days , i gradually learned the process, i became brahmachari, i.e. no semen release unnaturally during these period, i abstained from non-vegetarian diet, relied completely on vegetables, it was already over a year since i eliminated sugar, so i was taking all natural diet, at first this was also not helping, i tried again, and again as baba said cure will take time, but it will be a complete one, after a week, i was not in need of tablets to control my symptoms, my face and scalp was glowing, i realised that pranayama was acting like a fuel for me, and i developed a habit and started meditation too, i was now practicing for over an hour, 2 times a day, every day i used to read positive news, like i read an iit student curing his cancer tumour with pranayama, i kept my belief, but i needed to keep my concentration high while doing didn’t yield good results, because any lack of it caused flare ups, so i can safely say, for a period of 3 weeks, i was without any medication and only pranayama prevented those flare-ups, finally there is a hope, since i have also read, seen, heard and met people who have cured skin diseases such as psoriasis, which is more severe and painful ,after suffering for years cure this with pranayama, but the problem is you will have to change your lifestyle and completely change your attitude, beliefs, and way of thinking into more positive and better, by reading bhagvad geeta or holy or positive books, because this disease is actually triggered by mind, like hormones are, and even if you fix this with a cream, tablet or any other medication, this will again happen, not to say people are mentally sick to get this, but people who got this by psychological stress, like i did, did undergo a period where our bodies, to help deal with the situation at hand broke a barrier to extend a physical medium to overcome the problem by releasing hormones or something which changed our body forever and even after recovering all this, mental thoughts, the physical exertion which happened, while we were stressed didn't went back and has remained so in our bodies, these holes ,(some call it leaky gut syndrome), haven't been sealed, since there isn't any medication up until now, to cure this on a per person basis, and reverse what happened during that sad period, the body doesn't have a mechanism to reverse it, and only prolonged(non-stressful period) happiness and overall care, for long terms have seen the cure otherwise, as some people have cured it after 10-20 years, some never do, because the disease itself depresses them, now, i have not been able to do pranayama for 2 months, because of chilling temperatures and temps dipping below 5'c , at which the breathing air itself is cold and will be difficult task with a leaky nose to do the process, also more importantly as i told, mental peace and inner happiness is the key, if someone is worried too much about something , after already having a leaky gut or getting diagnosed with SD, it will be more difficult, i am now trying to setup a platform to live a stress less life and also trying to learn, how to adapt to failure and have left the tenacity and perfectionist in me, i have planned to get everything above mentioned arranged , including environment and try to live a peaceful life, and work on my body, pranayama and slowly find inner happiness, am sure i will get cured in a year, if i am able to do all the stuff, meanwhile also getting all the tests done as you mentioned. I would love to hear from you, but I am not sure if you will read this, since this post is 2 years old



Dear "Stewie", if you are real, thanks from the bottom of my heart, but I think you are an angel! I have been suffering from this condition on and off for many yrs, but it got considerably worse when I developed celiac disease last year. I've been to numerous dermatologists, not one giving me the info you have. I'm up on the computer at 1:00 am because the itching and flaking is so bad, I can't sleep, but thank goodness I found you! Don't feel hopeless anymore! Can't wait to start your suggested treatments! May God bless you for sharing!



I, who have been using Steroids, i.e. Ratio Ectosone which is Betamethosone 17-Valerate 0.1% for longer than I care to remember, found out a few years ago, that in my case at least a good scrubbing with Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulphate) of the affected skin after a shower does the same thing, ...without the nasty side-effects. It's effective for as long as the skin-friendly Epsom Salt permeates the skin, For the scalp I use Alcohol which is good for only a day or so, but keeps the dandruff to a minimum.


Heyyy -



I read Stewie's reply.  Thanks!  That's awesome.  


I was going to say - I pretty much only get this when I don't shave.


I had a case of the 'eyelash mites' for years but had on idea that it was an issue of mites, just that I produced a lot of that 'sleep' stuff that builds up on your eyelashes.  I became good at removing large flakes of it and it was.. really gross.  I thought it was just me.


You didn't mention that using "No more tears" baby shampoo is what can make the eyelash mites go away.  So, I'm going to try that on my beard.


Also - I usually just accept that having a beard causes this, as when I shave it off there isn't as much of an issue, or shaving consistently removes the annoyance of it.  


If I typically apply hydrocortisone it goes away, but it is a strange sensation massages a cream into your beard, something I either do at nighttime or on my 30-minute drive to work.  Someone who rides a train or is in public soon after the convenient application time would probably opt to not even do it except at night.


So that's what I do have to say - 


avoid liquor, or smoking (the rising of the smoke against the upper lip will irritate it over time), stay hydrated, and possibly consider using "No more tears" shampoo on the area.  I will tonight and see how I'm doing tomorrow, and let you guys know if it burns or not.I used aloe gel and it had a slight burning sensation, but nothing as painful as probably what soap would cause.I tried moraccan argan oil (spelling?) overnight, and it silken the follices, but didn't prevent any itching.   


Only when I use hydrocortisone (over the counter) regularly does it become a complete non-issue, but the above post states it can be bad for you.  So... good luck!  This is such a pain in the ass to have a beard!



Hi I was diagnosed with seb derm in the form of intese itchiness on the back of my scalp. I used a medicated shampoo prescribed by my dermatologist and it would keep it under control but I had to keep using it. Someone then recommended a shampoo called Yes to Carrots which I started using every day. After a week or so the itch was totally gone and I haven't used the medicated one for months now. I don't know what might be in that stuff that works for me but I just thought I'd throw it out there in case it could help someone. Or if someone might have an idea of  what ingredients are in Yes to Carrots that would have that effect.



Glad to see a preparation which seems to heal your SD permanently, though the symptoms don't quite match. SD produces a yellow oily scab or scales of dead skin. An inexpensive temporary fix for SD is Epsom Salt (Magnesium Sulphate). After removing the dead skin scales and cleansing, dip wet finger into Epsom Salt, and rub vigorously into the thin layer of remaining skin, till dissolved. Let it dry and it will keep SD at bay for 2 days. The same kind of treatment will also control scrotal itch.


You might try this inexpensive home-remedy: I.e. dip a wet finger into some Epsom Salt and rub it vigorously unto the affected skin till dissolved. It's effective for Cradle Cap SD and keep the skin colour normal and free of scales for 2-3 days. Same treatment is also effective for Scrotal itch.


Hey thanks for replying to my post! Since this seems to be an active forum I thought I'd ask anther question. I started developing a red rash under my beard a few weeks ago. Now it's kind of spreading a getting dry and flakey and still pink/red. It's not itchy like my scalp was. Does that sound like something you've seen before? Do you have any home remedy for that by chance?



Hello everybody. I am a 28 year old male who suffers from beard rash and I also have bald spots on my beard, near my nose. After going to a dermatologist, she prescribed ketoconazole and said  to try washing my beard with dandruff shampoo. I am allergic to head and shoulders, so that doesn't help. Also, she only gave me two of those pills. Which had to be taken with a coke, and then I needed to sweat. When I was a few years younger, I was blessed to be able to grow a long, thick beard. It was a good time in my life. Thankfully my beard still grows fast after I shave close to the skin and get that smooth skin feeling. After trying alcohol, an all natural dandruff shampoo, and apple cider vinegar, nothing helps. There is a cream called Terrasil, which claims to helps with skin conditions. But I have yet to try it. Next option is baby shampoo and epson salt. Also there is an all natural scalp cleanser and the main ingredient is apple cider vinegar. Works amazing on my scalp, but not my beard, not yet at least. To me, home remedies are much more reliable than prescription medicines or creams. All I want, is to have my healthy, light brown, thick and full beard grow like it use to! No more bald spots, and no more beard rash! If somebody has some more ideas about how to help this skin condition, please respond back to this post. Thank you!!



I'm 29. Every time I grow a beard I have this problem. I've found something that knocks it out in a day or two and them I wash my face with no soap in the shower. I just scrub with my hands and it doesn't come back. What I found was A & D ointment by Equate. Found at walmart. Comes in a round plastic tub. Honestly. I shaved last night, a full thick beard, and my face was ate up red and itchy with detmatitis. I out that ointment on last night and this morning it's almost gone. Use sparingly. Too much can break you out.


I cant believe I found this post. In reading this I fount it unreal that you hit every nail on the head. Havent tried all the cures yet, but the symptoms are for sure right on. I had mine pretty much under control all summer. My mother became seriously ill a few weeks ago and since then my face has turned into, well I cant describe it. Between my noise its red and burns and flakes. My mustache, which I have had nearly all my life and had this problem all my life as well is flaky and actually very embarrassing. Right now I am under so much stress you cant believe it. That's what actually brought me to this sight. I was wondering if stress had anything to do with it. Everything you described fits me to a T. I actually controlled mine for years by using Just For Men Beard and Mustache Color. As I was putting it on I felt a little stinging. I expected that over the next couple days I would see flakes, but after a couple days it would go away. But only for a couple weeks, But hey, a couple weeks free from this is still a victory. I am going to try these creams because I am miserable. I also found it very interesting that you said they came out at night when you were sleeping. OMG, I have had it so bad I couldn't do anything but lay here and scratch. Just the a minor itch seemed to travel across the body. Very irritating. I actually find it hard to even fall asleep because if it. Thank you so much for this post and making things so clean. A well informed person is an intelligent person. Thanks again for all the info. I am looking forward to getting a good nights rest soon and waking with a clear face. Been dealing with this for 30+ years.