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I had sex during the first 7 days of having my NuvaRing in and I'm experiencing symptoms of pregnany. Do I take my NuvaRing out?

I plan on taking a home pregnancy test, but I don't know if the hormones in the NuvaRing will effect the answer.


Hopefully the nurse particitionary said: "for the first 7 days, use a back up mehtod of contraceptoin."

If you feel concerned, take a preg test. they detect 10 days after conception. They detect HCG levels, not estrogen/progesterone.

Also-- do u remember how this neuvo ring works?
4-5 lines of defnce:
=prevents ovulation
- creates a hostile uterine envirnoment
- makes the fimbrae less molty (less wafting of egg into fallopiantube)
- increase thickness of cervical mucous to act as a "block
(i for got the 5th line..if there is a fifth line) so i wouldn't be TOO woried...but doesn't hurt to be extra sure.


Did you find out?