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My last period 23rd June and my cycle always 29 days. The last time I had sex w/ my husband on 7th July. From 18th July till now I've lot very light spottings (brown). My upcoming period is 22nd July. Am I pregnant?


There is no way to answer your question.

But you can answer it- take an early response test- they are 99.9% accurate 4-5 days before an expected period. Waiting for a period to come is awful when you think you might be pregnant. And, if you are as sensitive as I am, my period won't come if I'm stressed out while waiting. Which only makes me more stressed out, which means my period will be delayed longer, and so on. So take a test. You will feel better regardless of the result!

Good luck!


I've been doing research with some reliable sources (i.e. scientifically cited sources) and early home pregnancy tests are NOT 99.9% effective 4-5 days before your period, and never could be. If they were, don't you think they'd advertise that themselves?

First Response has been cited as likely the earliest to detect--one website said they found it could detect 6.3 mcg of HCG, but they only advertise that they can recognize 25 mcg. Moreover, they say that the validity of the test can detect pregnancy in "69% of women 4 days before their expected period, in 83% of women 3 days before their expected period, in 93% of women 2 days before their expected period, and in 93% of women 1 day before their expected period."

Despite this claim, however, I read at another site (I think WebMD) that 10% of women wouldn't get a positive pregnancy test even on the day of their missed period, so even if it comes back negative, you still should not assume anything--but note that at that point, odds are against (it's 90% likely you're not).

Most early detection tests can detect 20-25 mcg. If your test doesn't say early results, it likely requires 40-50 mcg or up to 100 mcg to be able to find a positive result. Most of the "digital" window tests require at least 40 mcg, but can ease your unsureness if you see a slight line on a traditional one.

Note that from what I've read, HCG doesn't begin to show up in your blood until the embryo implants, and at that point, it is very minimal. It doubles every day thereafter, and I've heard it takes AT LEAST 2-4 days after implantation for 25 mcg of HCG to be present... some sources say 6 days.

Everything depends on when you ovulate, then when the embryo implants, but my one question is how long exactly implantation lasts, and, assuming you're experiencing implantation bleeding, does that "usual" 2-4 days for 25 mcg to build up start at the beginning of implantation bleeding, or at the end?