ok look my girlfriend has been worried for the past cople days and she feels sick. i my self dont think she pregnant but she just cant get it off her mind.
it was 5 days ago and her last period was like ending of last mounth/begging of this month. well this is wat happend me and her were haveing un pretected sex and i pulled out well ahead of the time and cam on my own. then i wiped off and tryed to get as much out as posable so there was none there. then like 15 to 30min later then put it in again only for a little bit cuse it started to hert her. shes worried that there was still cum left over in my penis or it was pre cum or something but she is very very worried and we need a little advice, we understand that its just best if we get her tested but we would like to know yalls advice

please help us