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Besides evolving in the economics sphere, Chinese seems to have evolved in sexual sphere as well. Chinese attitude towards sex has completely changed in the last 3 decades since they started opening to the world and the economic growth from the last couple of years seems to have had great influence on this change.

Chinese started experimenting a new relationship called living apart together and by practicing this new attitude remind me of Swedes who already have a practice of being married but having separate houses, cars, bank accounts, bills, etc

In this new Chinese relationship, a couple signs an agreement that they would separate if one of the partners does not wish to stay together and that they wouldn’t interfere in each other’s sexual activities and behaviours. Both parties are free to have new partners and if they wish to live with their new partners, the other party should not oppose.
Such trends are followed by both married and unmarried couples in China and truly does represent a revolution even to some European developed countries.

Just a few years back, the Chinese couples were hardly allowed to hold hands in public, would be fired if involved in premarital sexual affairs and their hospitals weren’t treating sexually transmitted diseases.

Sexual experts believe that the new attitude towards sex has occurred when the sex and reproduction were separated and when China adopted new family planning and one child policy in the one year.


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