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I am 52 years old, married for 27 years, from the time got married I have this problem, I start some fight with my husband, for no reason at all,untill he passify me keep crying,it might end up sometimes 3 to 4 days,I scream, hit myself, starve, but other days I am a very good wife and a mother,seeing me no body will tell I am like this. I like my husband, but when I get into this mood I hate him, is there any cure for this, please, please help me.


is there something that he did wrong to you or bad thoughts in your head about him? If so.. I have the same problem as you. I cry alot.. I mean.. for no reason at all... for the smallest sad thought that comes across my mind.. I cry for everything. Before my fiance and I got real intimate and close he use to look at other females right in front of me. At first it wasnt a problem... but a little bit after that I started getting real insecure and I told him off. He never had a girlfriend before me and I understood that all this relationship stuff was new to him so I wasnt too hard him. Well, we're really good now and he's such a great man but while we sleep I often wake up from a bad dream or just laying there with my eyes closed and thinking about him and having bad thoughts of him and I just start hitting him cuz I feel hateful towards him. We'll be having such a good time, laughing and talking and just being joyful then out of no where like 5 minutes later I'll have an attitude and start being a total b***h to him and he looks at me with wonder. Im a person who doesnt trust people and I like to be alone in the dark too. I wish you knew about all the things that has happen to me in my life. My only advice for the both of us.. is probably to seek medical help.. but I dont have the money for that so i try to cope by just crying. I cry and just cry and just cry and no one ever hears. I do find that marijuana does help me alot. I promise this is true, everytime I have a bad thought, a bad day or just going thru something bad or sad or depressing... When I smoke marijuana everything all of sudden doesnt matter to me. I'm still sane, I"m still okay.. I'm not acting foolishly or crazy like a drunk... But instead I'm mellow cool and calm. I feel happy and I dont think about anything negative.. I begin concentrating on other things.

That's all I have for now.. I wish I could help us more.. Atleast you know your not alone! We can always talk.

Take care of yourself!