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Hey folks,

My step sister is now all about using wu yi tea. So, she was at her honeymoon in China. Since she came back, after almost one month, she is so into all this Chinese lifestyle. So, wu yi tea is one thing of that part of her new lifestyle. She was at some seminar while she was there, with her husband, of course, and they told her that Chinese people are using wu yi tea for weight loss for centuries. Well, is that true? She is annoying, but I want to help her, because I can see how much she is into it.

Thank you! 


Hey there,

Well, that is cute. I had things like that in my life as well. Now, it is true. Wu yi tea was first produced in the 15th century in some Chinse province. After that, a lot of people find out about some magical things in this diet tea. So, there is just one more reason why they all started to drink this tea – massively. It is good because it has positive effects on your health. They started to drink it in 18th century massively.

Don’t worry about her, let her try this lifestyle. Somehow, I believe that she will be tired of it after a while :) 



Yes, it is. And, I have to say that I couldn’t agree more with you about this comment. This tea is very popular in the China and people really do appreciate it in whole China. This is just one of those reasons why Wu yi tea is accepted in a lot of different countries.

So, about your step – sister, I just believe that this is one more phase in her life, we all have something like that in our lives, but that is ok.

It is safe and that is most important, right?

It is safe and it has a lot of healthy benefits.