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Hi, I've posted a similar question to this over at the "Could I be Pregnant" sub-forum but I'm not sure if that was the right part of the forum to post in. 

I'm here to ask a question regarding my girlfriend. She and I had sex on October 25 and she got her period on November 1. Her period normally lasts 7 days and by the morning November 8, she said she wasn't bleeding anymore. However, when night time came around, she bled again. She said the bleeding was more than spotting but less than period flow. Until today, which is November 9, she's still bleeding. It should be noted that on November 7, she reported experiencing a very sharp pain in her lower abdominal region, saying that something felt like it "popped". 
Now, my girlfriend is sure that it was her period that happened during November 1 to November 7, so it is unlikely that it was some random vaginal bleeding. However, could she still be pregnant even if her period came? And the bleeding that she is experiencing now is causing quite a concern. I have searched the internet and I can't help thinking about an ectopic pregnancy. Is this a possibility, given that she actually is pregnant in the first place? Note that October 25 was the last time we had sex and no sexual contact occurred in the days between that date and today.


go see a doctor