Hi , I am 20 years old and I think I might be pregnant, but let me give you the background first:

My last Period was on October 19-25
I have a regular 26 day cycle, and I'm never ate nor early
I began spotting on the 29th; just once or twice a day, only when I wipe.
On November 5th , I began bleeding a little heavier then spotting, but it doesn't look like my normal period.
It is Nov. 8th today and I'm still bleeding, though I do not fill up an entire tampon, like I usually would during the first few days of my period.
I am a whole 9 days early, if this indeed my period; which is not normal at all.

I went to the clinic on Nov 5th before the heavier bleeding started & my pregnancy test came out negative, though I know its too early to detect anything so, do you think it is just an abnormal period or should I be a little more worried. This has NEVER happened to me at all, so I'm a little scared & worried because I know my body & this is not normal for me.

Thank you for your responses in advance <3