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Okay so this is like every other thread/topic I suppose. But I have so much weight on my shoulders it's crazy.
----- Well October 7th me and my girlfriend had protected sex. I had a condom on the first time didnt bust at all so we stopped and I disposed the condom. Maybe an hour later went back at it had a condom on , but when I came, it was inside of her..She was on top..When I pulled out I didnt see any rips nor tares! I seen semen everywhere (INSIDE) the condom. Im pretty sure there were none outside.
---- She was due for her period around November 5th. She got a regular period! Regular flow, color, and duration! But I could of sworn she had it around (October 27th-2nd) But Ill take her word.
----- It Is now the 27th of November and she woke up 'Bleeding' but she said that the period isnt light its a regular flow but she said that half of the blood was kind of brownish but most of it was red.
----- She's pleading an early period (2weeks). Which scares me cause Ive been nervous for the past 2 months due to my anxiety, and Im only 15 and this would pretty much throw a curve ball towards my life.
----- She claims she's not pregnant, she claims she knows her body, and that everything is going to be fine, and that if there was anything wrong she would tell me, for some reason this doesnt calm me down I still worry!
----- She says we can take a test sometime this week but I'm still going to be worried in the mean time, so can someone please help me out here!

OH! AND! She's a cheerleader, and in these past two weeks she's been working hard for competitions and she's been really active and exercising. Another point would be that thanksgiving was the other day// I hear those things can cause early periods, but im sure someone on here knows more then my knowledge!

Please help , :|


sperm only lives for a few seconds when exposed to the air. depending on the temperature as well. it's very very very unlikely, impossible even, to get pregnant by being fingered five minutes after wiped off cum. always remind your partner to wash his hands before and after you don't want to get an infection.