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So me and my girlfriend had sex a a week or two ago and she wasn't a virgin but I was. Lately she has saying her stomach hurts, she's been really hungry, peeing a lot, and puked the other day at her basketball game. During the time we had sex I didn't have a condom on which I knew was a bad idea but I was pretty sure I didn't ejaculate because after the sex she masterbated for me and then I finished a lot more than I thought I had ever done before. For one she hasn't had her period and it should be coming up in the next week or so. Two she hasn't took a pregnancy test to be sure. And three if she is pregnant what can she do now that will make sure that she won't have a baby other than abortion. Is there any medication she can take to prevent the pregnancy to take off? I don't want a kid and neither does she what can we do?


Hi Bryan,

She could have a urinary tract infection, they can make her sick.  They are common in women after having sex.

You're right, not using a condom was a bad idea.  You've heard of precum?  It can contain sperm but probably not if you hadn't recently ejaculated (as in since you last urinated).  Always use a condom before any sexual contact.

She needs to wait at least two weeks after having sex to take a home test.  Even then they are not always accurate.  Wait and see if she gets her period first - if it's normal for her then she is most likely not pregnant.  If she "spots" very light bleeding a week or so before she expect her period then that can indicate that she might be pregnant.

If she decides to test she MUST use her first morning urine (wake up pee) for the best results.  False negatives are common testing early.  False positives are rare.

At this point there is nothing you could do if she is pregnant except for an abortion.  it's too late to take an emergency contraceptive.  At best they are only effective for about 5 days.

Hang in there.