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Ok so me and my girlfriend had sex for the first time a couple weeks ago and she got her period but shes been having morning sickness. She hasnt puked at all thoe and she says its going away could she be pregnant though??


Hey, I'm sorry but it is impossible to tell if your girlfriend is pregnant. 

Periods are usually a sign that a woman isn't pregnant unless she mistakes early pregnancy spotting for a period. In that case, the period would have been much lighter and shorter than usual, so perhaps ask her about that? Morning sickness/nausea is definitely a pregnancy symptom, but nausea can also be caused by stomach bugs, other viruses, eating something bad, stress, eating disorders, etc, etc. 

What you want to do is ask your girlfriend to take a pregnancy test. if she takes one two weeks after her period (without you having sex again in the meantime) it should be really accurate.