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I have been having  shortness of breath. I think it started about a year aog maybe. I was at the beach with friends and couldn't swim because I couldn't breathe! Six months ago, after I had problems breathing for weeks straight, I asked some EMTs to check me out. They told me that my heart beat was irregular, but my oxygen levels were fine. I went to the ER where they ran lots of tests and told me nothing was wrong. The shortness of breath seemed to go away but has returned with face numbness and numbness in my right arm. My wisdom teeth are coming in, would that cause the numbness? Can anyone help me?


Hello there jeanbean002,

Your symptoms remind me on a symptoms that my sister had few months ago. The situation is quite similar, and she was diagnosed with panic attacks. Of course at first the doctors were checking her heart and level of oxygen, but they said that everything is fine.

One night her whole left side was numb, and that was the moment when her doctor has realized that she could be suffering from anxiety attacks. He gave her medications and sends her to the specialist. In her treatment therapy was included as well, and after some time she started to feel better. Now she is trying to quit with medications without bigger consequences. I hope this was helpful.