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My husband is 27 and for the past couple of weeks his heart has been beating rapindy and skipping beats and he has shortness of breath and this weekend when it happened his chest was hurting....
He is in good health and says work is no more stressful than usual.

On his unlce died of a massive heart attack a couple of years ago , his grandfather died of one when he was just 45 and his other uncle had one last year, but did not die.. These are all on his dads side..

What could this be?? We are going to the doctor today and I was wondering what test might be done or what I should ask ...Thanks



All the symptoms your husband experienced are a consequence of heart beating too quickly. When the heart beats fast, there isn’t enough blood to be transported throughout the body and this lack of oxygen can cause all the symptoms he experienced: skipping heart beat, shortness of breath, chest pain and many other like: palpitations, dizziness, fainting, lightheadedness, blind spots, etc

Almost anyone can develop fast heart beats but at most risk are those who are older than 65, who have inherited heart problems, who already had a heart attack or a heart surgery.

The most common fast heart beat is atrial fibrillation, which is fast beating of the atria-the two upper chambers of the heart. How did the testing go?