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I am 28 now and have lived a healthy life up till 2006 when I started to experience this constant block nose and shortness of breath. My doctor diagnosed it as asthma and was prescribed salbutamol and anemopholyn.

However the same symtoms still persists and would go out for a few months before comming up again. Nausea, shortness of breath, tingly feeling, numbness of legs and hands are common symtoms.

I am getting worried about my health and would really need some advise.


Have you reported the new symptoms to your doctor. In particular, the numbness of your legs and hands, tingly feelings, and shortness of breath. They may do a EMT test or something similar to rule out MS. You are really too young for this, but the symptoms are similar in nature. The most common symptoms of early onset MS is tingling, numbness, loss of balance, weakness in limbs, blurred or double vision. I am certainly not saying that this is the problem, but if you are experiencing more than a couple, you need to have things checked out. Another thing to consider is an allergic reaction to some of the medication you are taking. You might look at the prolonged side effects of the two medications that the doctor put you on recently.