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My daughter age 9 years is suffring from shortness of breath, rapid heart beat and throat infection. Is it a viral attack?.[/list]


Have you checked with your doctor? It sounds like it is some kind of viral infection but nowadays you can’t never be sure what it is.

Is your child often sick or this is something that is happening for the first time?

 Shortness of breath and throat infection can be allergic reactions as well. Even if he wasn’t allergic he may become. The other day my brother has discovered that he is allergic and he is 17 years old and he was never allergic before.

So my advice to you is to consult with your doctor and don’t let him to convince you that it is nothing. Bother him until he agrees to do all the necessary tests so you can be sure what is causing this symptoms. And let us know about the results of those tests. If it is allergic reaction don’t worry because it is manageable and easily to adjust.