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Hello, I am at my wits end with my symptoms! I've been dealing with shortness of breath for 3 weeks now and can't seem to find relief. I am a 31 year old female who before February of this year had never really experience this much anxiety. Since my first panic attack I've had a constant ache on my left chest, it radiates to my back and shoulder and sometimes to the armpit area. It feels like a constant muscle ache. As of 3 weeks ago I started getting the sensation that I am short of breath. It starts the minute I wake up and goes on all day. I am constantly exhausted because of it. Even little things make me feel tired because my breathing is so off. I always feel like there's something stuck behind my sternum and I can't expand that area when I breath. I also always feel like there's something stuck in my throat but I think that's my acid reflux. I have had 4 ekgs, an echo, chest X-ray, PFT, and almost every blood test you can imagine and all were normal. The doctor thinks it's a mix between anxiety and acid reflux. I feel like I am slowly losing my mind because I can't seem to relax when I have these symptoms or enjoy my life. Anyone experience something similar?


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Is there something in your house that you could be allergic to? I felt like that for several years as it kept getting worse. Last year I pushed the doctors to find what was wrong and I got all the tests you just mentioned where they found nothing significant wrong. It was so bad I had to stop every 4 steps while going upstairs so it took me a few minutes to get up the 12 stairs to the top and I would still be seriously out of breath. Just normal breathing felt like I was only using the very top of my lungs. I owned a parrot that I had for 16 years but I was desperate so I boarded him at the pet store. Two days later I was standing at the top of the stairs when I realized I had just walked all the way up without stopping and was not out of breath. We found a new home for the parrot almost a year ago and I feel just about normal now.