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Hi! I have problem with extremely rapid heart beat. Also I have fatigue and shortness of breath. How can be treated this condition? I will soon see a doctor, because I worry for my health.


Hi! Tachycardia is heart rate over 100 as high as 240 beats per minute. When it originates elsewhere, it is an arrhythmia. Symptoms include fatigue, faintness, shortness of breath, and feeling the heart thumping. It may subside within minutes or hours with no lasting ill effects, but in serious heart, lung, or circulatory disease it can precede atrial fibrillation or heart attack and demands immediate medical attention. Tachycardia can be treated by an electric shock to the heart, by antiarrhythmic drugs, and by pacemakers.


Tachycardia, is indeed a high heart rate. I have it because I am hyperthyroid. In hyperthyroidism, the thyroid gland, for a variety of reasons, which have to be diagnosed by specialists, produces too much thyroid hormone.

Too much thyroid hormone speeds up all metabolic processes. In addition to fast heart rate, a person will feel fatigued and out of breath, as if they've drunk too much coffee or taken speed. After a while of perhaps feeling energetic, you feel like you're hitting a wall of fatigue.

Diarrhea and frequent bowel movements can be part of hyperthyroidism, too. So can weight loss. My metabolism is so speeded up, I eat all day and still don't gain weight.

My hyperthyroidism was diagnosed when my primary care doctor sent me to a cardiologist to evaluate my fast heart beat.

Thyroid tests should be done to see if you are hyperthyroid.

I'm on Inderal, a beta blocker, to keep my heart rate down, until I can get my thyroid treated. And on that note I'll say, I don't want to get standard radiation or surgery treatments because they often go too far, and leave a person in the opposite state, of being hyPOthyroid.

For hypothyroidism, you have to get blood tests regularly and take thyroid hormone the rest of your life every day. Some people do okay with this, but I'd rather have a thyroid that functions normally.

So I'm trying to get a procedure called PEI, Percutaneous Ethanol Injection. The doc injects overproducing thyroid nodules (tumors) with ethanol, a process which is guided by ultrasound, which shrinks them and returns them to normal functioning. I include this info in case you ARE diagnosed as hyperthyroid.

Good luck!