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I'm a smoker for 3 years. I get a shortness of breath, pains in my chest as well as thightening my heart beats fast and sometimes i'll get dizzy. Sometimes my throat hurts like i cant catch my breath no matter how deep i breath. please help?


You should never start a post 'I am a smoker' or you will just get answers that you need to stop smoking to get over this condition, and it is a fact you may need to. I would suggest at least stopping for a while to see if it lets up a bit.

Some might say anxiety but I tend towards physiological such as low iron or other nutrient deficiencies.

Lots of non smokers are sick, but as you are one allergies (including to what is in the smoke). In none smokers also there is , thyroiditis (TSH test not good for this you need a thyroid antibody test), lots of other causes.

I would be going to my Dr straight away for my heart checking, especially with throat pain involved as it can be associated with cardiac problems, so can SOB. Get in touch now.

God bless and hugs x