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i never got circumcised im 18 .and if ur not circumcised does that make it less pleasurable for the girl? because if it does then should i get a circumcision?


Circumcision is general a health concern for the man, these days. Although there are several on this board that will vehemently argue against circumcision in all cases.

As I was circumcised at birth, I have no comparible experience to share. However, I have heard that uncircumcised males are more sensitive in the glans or head, and their "cut" brothers tend to last a bit longer statisticially speaking.

As for women, it is generally the contact with the clitoris that gets a woman off...and it doesn't matter if it is from a circumcises penis or not, or a hand, or a tounge. (within reason).
I have heard women argue both ways, that they CAN or CANNOT feel a difference if a man is circumcised inside them.

So, I would revert back to the question, do you keep yourself clean and attractive to women, by cleaning under the foreskin?
Do you have any chronic condition that might require the removal of the foreskin to heal or help?

If you are clean and have no problems, I would not rush to a circumcision. You can speak to a doctor about this if you are unclear.