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So its bothered me for years but im not confident enough to ask anyone in person whether or not im circumcised or not. I have loose skin around my flaccid penis but it doesnt cover the head of it. When im erect it actually pulls back further and exposes the sensitive part. Help?

While im mentioning it, Its also hard to have sex (not difficult but I feel like i suffer from premature ejaculation) because every time I get an erection a part that's normally not exposed is and makes it impossible to last for long periods of time at that stimulation level.

I've tried those numbing condoms(performax) but they dont help. So ive started researching about circumcision so the sensitive skin can be exposed fully instead of only during erections. I'm just not sure how to go about it and looking for some advice. Any would be appreciated.

oh and whether im circumcised or not it doesnt matter to me, id prefer either.


The thing about circumcisions is everyone is different.  Some are tight, the head is always fully exposed, others loose, the head may be partially covered.  Even the natural foreskin has variations, some aren't fully covered, others have a long foreskin.

Can't you expose the part of your penis that is sensitive and let is get used to being touched?  This is a common problem for young uncircumcised men.  They can't stand touching the glans because of the sensitivity.

Hope it helps.


Sounds like you're describing an uncircumcised penis with a foreskin that partially covers the head....pulling back during erection to expose the head.
Yes, it's sensitive.  Yes, that's what you want.  Yes, it helps to trigger orgasm and ejaculation.  Yes, it can be exquisitely painful/pleasureful.

Many men have expressed regret that they have had a portion of their most sensitive organ cut off...and vocally object after the fact.
However, we do not have numbers on how many, nor how many have had satisfaction with their circumcision...cause, if you think about it, if they are pleased, they generally do not "sound off" about it.

I urge you to think carefully about this decision before making it.  While it's true that circumcision is more easily performed on a child and heals faster than in an adult or young man, it is done to adults.

The usual reason for a circumcision (right or wrong) is for matters of health and cleanliness...not for matters of sensitivity. (though I suppose that's possible)  Also, occasionally a man presents to a doctor a ripped or torn foreskin that requires some repair or removal.

You can find lots of information on the argument AGAINST circumcision at

It may be a bit harder to find vocal support of circumcision, though you could search and probably go through planned parenthood as well.
Have you done a thorough search of THIS website*** (not in the forums, but in the articles that appear to the left of the forum head pages?)  There's probably some very good scholarly information there as well.

Good luck.
Please come back and tell us what you learn and what you decide.

***EDIT: Immediately after posting this, a link appeared at the bottom of my screen for the word "Circumcision".  By clicking on it, it went to THIS page of articles on this website.


The problem you have is only of hyper sensitivity of the penis head. Yes, it leads to premature ejaculation. By circumcision you are taking this issue to a whole new level. Why do you want to lose a perfectly good working bit of skin from your body? So better will be to avoid circumcision and work on how to lose the hypersensitivity of penis head. My advice for you will be to retract the foreskin completely behind the penis head while in shower and allow it to stay there. If after penis getting flaccid the foreskin covers your penis head, go to restroom and pull your foreskin back behind the penis head. Let your glans rub your cloths, briefs. Its hard to control yourself for the first few days (2 days maximum) but slowly the penis head becomes dry and your will lose the hyper sensitivity. Try this for a week. Then keep your penis covered with foreskin for a week. Try this method alternating every week and you will find yourself requiring more time to ejaculate and also pleasurable when bare penis rubs your underwear.


What you are describing, as far as your foreskin, sounds like you may have been Trimmed but not circumcised. I have met a few guys, who like myself have a partial foreskin. Instead of circumcision, they only cut off the very end, which would be the part that is what some call excess foreskin. When flaccid the skin covers the head of mine,, and retracts during an erection. There is skin that you can slide up and down, which is one of the benefits of having a foreskin. It makes it easier, and often, you can masturbate without having to use a lubricant. It also seems that having pre-cum is more likely in men that are uncut. This is a natural lubricant, and varies from having a lot when aroused, to having none at all. Not sure , but would assume the less sensitivity the less likely you have pre-cum. And uncircumcised men are less likely to have this. They do make creams that will reduce the sensitivity you can apply before you have sex, with the purpose being to take longer before you ejaculate. These can be found on sites where they sell vibrators and other sex toys . If you have a male pharmacist, or don't mind asking a female, they can tell you if there is an over-the-counter cream that you could purchase in the store. Both major pharmacies have a much larger selection on line. Shelf space is limited in the store, so some items are available only on-line. This requires using a credit card, so is limited for persons under 18. Unless you have a parent that would order it for you. If you need more info on an item they sell on-line, the pharmacist can answer questions, but may have to check on-line, they are not always aware of the on-line selection.