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I had total thyroidectomy due to follicular thyroid cancer three weeks ago and I’m also scheduled to have radioactive iodine treatment with 151.7 radioactive iodine pill to kill any cancer cells that might have remain in my body. If anyone has been in this situation, I’d really appreciate your info about side effects of RAI treatment that I can expect. I already know that there is a chance my salivary glands  will get damaged, but how big are the chances that will happen? Also, how often does metallic taste in the mouth continues to linger on? I know it’s a bit petty to worry about these things when I’m fighting cancer, but it would help to know what I’m going into.



a very good friend of mine had two RAI treatments over the course of three years and both these treatments have caused her to be very tired, nauseated and with metallic taste in her mouth - but these side effects lasted more or less as long as her isolation time - about few weeks. She didn't have any permanent damage to her salivary glands nor any other permanent side effects.

I understand how scary this treatment is, but it's worth for beating the cancer - there is no doubt about it, 

Wish you all the best,