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After I had ultrasounds and finally needle biopsy of my thyroid gland the results were not good, showing I have follicular cancer cells and that the best thing I can do is to have complete thyroidectomy, with possibly radioactive iodine treatment afterward.

My surgery is scheduled in 20 days, but I’m already too worried both about immediate post-op and general life changing consequences, given I’d had to be on thyroid hormone replacement therapy, with the possibility of cancer returning. If anyone on here would mind sharing how their life looked after total thyroidectomy, I’d be really thankful.



a very good friend of mine went through the same situation you are in right now - she was diagnosed with follicular thyroid cancer two years ago and was facing the same options you had, the complete removal of the thyroid gland and radioactive iodine treatment. It's by no means an easy recovery, she had the most problems with very low energy levels throughout the day, but eventually hormone replacement medication start to work and you pretty much start feeling better and like your old self,

Wish you all the best,