I was going over the list of recommended vaccinations in the United States the other day. We are expecting our second baby. With first, we did the whole "whatever the doctor says is best" thing, but this time we are doing our own research. After the swine flue drama, I grew weary of vaccinations in general, especially after I gained some understanding of what their various ingredients are. I am especially concerned about the hepatitis b vaccine, because I know that our baby will have no chance of contracting hepatitis b vaccine. We are both free from from hepatitis b vaccine, and our baby will not be having sex or sharing needles so I have a hard time seeing what the point of the hepatitis b vaccine could possibly see. Even blood transfusions are not a valid argument, because they do make sure that hepatitis b vaccine is not transferred through those. What are the side effects of the hepatitis b vaccine? Or perhaps I should be asking what the advantages of giving our baby the hepatitis b vaccine could possibly be?