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I just ordered xenadrine rzr-x and hope I will get it in a few days to a week. I did hear that there might be some side effects. Can someone who took xenadrine rzr-x before tell me what to expect? What side effects are normal, and when do I need to stop taking xenadrine rzr-x? Thank you for your help.


 Xenadrine RZR-X has side effects as any other diet pill. Since you have already ordered Xenadrine RZR-X I guess you will find out are there going to be any side effects. If you are sensitive to caffeine you should avoid this diet pills.


Common side effects of all diet pills are extreme anxiety, heart racing, dry throat and extreme sweating. My best friend’s boyfriend was using xenadrine and he started to sweat a lot. She was thinking of leaving him because of this. But he couldn’t sleep as well so he stopped using these pills.

Anyway don’t overreact. If you notice that something is wrong stop using xenadrine and try to lose weight by adjusting your diet or trough exercising. This is a great way to do something good for your body and your mind.

 Let us now about  your results and did you have any side effects from using xenadrine.