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Hello there,

Can you tell me can 7 – DFBX fat burner cause some unpleasant side – effects? DO you have any experience with it?

I am asking this, because my husband has an idea to use it, but he doesn’t know that much about it. She just know that those one can help him lose his weigh, his belly and very soon. Now, the problem is -  his dad has some cardiovascular problems since he was 34 years old. My husband has 37 and I think that he might have it as well. He doesn’t want to go to the doctor. I am scared because of this, and I want to know are there any unpleasant side – effects. Let me know! 


Good day,

So far, no studies have been done to show the effectiveness of this product. So, according to this, there are no side – effects that can come up with using this one. So, no studies, no side – effects. Of course, some people can have it, but it is never proven why things like this can happen. So, nobody can tell could there be some long term damage to the body. It is not likely to experience side effects, but once again, so far, no scientific studies have ruled with it.

If your husband have some heart issues, he must visit the doctor if he is planning to follow some diet program! 



If some diet pills are not tested or if there are no side – effects that they find out, I don’t think that this is so correct. I remember when my sister was switching to those diet pills, she had a lot of trouble to get used on it, because she had a really bad nauseas, headaches, and she was throwing up at least once  a week :/

It was so bad, because she couldn’t get used on it at all.

Of course, after a while, when she was persistent, she lost her pounds. I am not saying that this one is bad, all I want to say is that this one has some side – effects.

Good luck with it!