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In today's market many people are looking for a quick fix and turning to weight loss products to shed fat fast. But what is actually in them and do they really work? Should a good diet and exercise be the best way to lose weight?

What Are Weight Loss Products?

The nutrition market has been flooded with a wide range of "quick fixes" to help people lose weight. With the percentage of adults with obesity is rising fast, weight loss products can be seen as the answer. Changes in lifestyle and eating habits have made the battle with the bulge much more of a worldwide problem and most people battle with their weight at some point in their lives.

Some of these people use weight loss products to help fight fat and bring down their weight but what are they? Generally they come in many shapes and sizes ranging from tablets to shakes or meal replacements. They can be bought over the counter or are prescribed by your physician to assist you but they often lead to side effects. Most commonly they are found in tablet or pill form and should be taken with meals in the morning or evening and they consist of a selection of vitamins and drugs which increase metabolism and increase the body's thermo genic effect.

What Is In Weight Loss Products?

This is the million dollar question because even the prescribed versions of weight loss pills and products are made up of a selection of chemicals. It is important to check the chemicals and drugs that are in your weight loss products because the FDA has banned many because they contain PPA (phenylpropanolamine hydrochloride) which is an appetite suppressant that has been heavily linked to a risk of stroke. Other products contain a mixture of natural ingredients such as acai berries which have been linked to increased fat loss. Most commonly found in fat burners or metabolizers is caffeine and cayenne pepper because these natural boost fat metabolism and a substance called L-carnitine which has limited research where it is proven to lower fat. However, as well as the "nutritional" information on these pills always check the ingredients too because it is there you will see the range of chemicals that have been added. Cayenne pepper can easily be added to your diet!

How Do They Work?

These products do not do anything that the body can't naturally do by itself. The main ingredients in fat burner and weight loss products are some form of pepper which naturally stimulates a thermogenic effect in the body which increases metabolism and tricks the body into burning fats more quickly. Other ingredients such as caffeine have a similar effect but as well as increasing the body's temperature the stimulant in caffeine increases the metabolism and helps us to burn more calories. These effects can be caused by the natural form of the ingredients but some products contain vitamins such as B vitamins which are energy boosters - the more energy we are producing the more calories and we are burning to produce that energy, because it breaks down stored fat and carbohydrates. Some prescription weight loss products safely suppress a person's appetite to help lower your daily calorie intake and others contain orlistat or Xenical which are medications that prevent the body from absorbing fats.

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