Sleepwell, while the name implies is a sleep aide, has other benefits. As stated above, one of the effects is that it puts your mind at ease so you can stop worrying about life's problems and get the sleep you need. Therefore it can have beneficial psychological uses. For instance, it is an effective treatment for depression and anxiety (panic) attacks. It can also be used in the treatment of phobias, particularly agoraphobia. If you suffer from prolonged periods of depression, feel tension, disinterest in things which you once enjoyed, periods of personal hygiene neglect and/or “don't feel like yourself”, Sleepwell may be able to help with these symptoms.

Sleep deprivation may be causing more problems than you know about. Confusion, drowsiness and slow reaction time are all common to those suffering from insomnia, as you are probably aware. This can seriously affect job performance and lead to increased absenteeism; this in turn damages your career. It also makes you a danger to yourself and others while driving and operating machinery or power tools. Those suffering from chronic insomnia may experience spells of dizziness, fainting and even hallucination. Strangely enough chronic insomnia results in hyper activity in some. You should also be aware that not getting enough sleep affects the way your body and immune system functions. Those suffering from sleep deprivation experience illness more frequently and take longer to recover from these illnesses and injuries..

There are many types of insomnia, each with its own causes. Unfortunately, the first reaction of many people is to ask their doctor for a powerful sedative like Ambien. If the insomnia has obvious roots in anxiety Ambien is usually the drug of choice. While there are some people with serious physical and psychological problems who require Ambien or Ambien, they are not the majority. These two drugs can have severe side effects as well as addiction and dependency issues. For milder cases of insomnia and anxiety there are much milder treatment options like St. John's Wort and Valerian Root, both of which are ingredients of Sleep Well. These allow you to get the sleep you need without the side effects you don't.

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