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Lately I have noticed that every now and then i will feel like Im having very slight shortness of breath, it does panic me a little bit but it goes away. I also have a very hazy feeling, kind of like im in a dust cloud, similar to when you watch a computer screen for a long time and then go and stand outside. it's really weird. Does anyone know what this could be, I don't really have any intense anxiety or panic attacks, so I have no idea. This isn't depersonalizaton because I dn't feel like everything is unreal, i just feel hazy. If anyone knows anything about this sort of thing I would appreciate it. Thanks :-)


Hello there,

When was the last time when you have had physical check out? It could be that you lack of something for example maybe iron or some vitamins. It would be wise to see your doctor and let him know about your symptoms and your concerns.

I am anemic and my first symptoms were dizziness and feeling of light headed and sometimes I had feeling like I am dreaming and that I am in a slow motion and everything else around me in fast forward. It was like a movie. Since I was diagnosed as anemic I must be careful to take enough of vitamins and iron and eat more of a healthy food and if it is possible avoid junk food.