Although everyone knows that soft drinks impair teeth health, not everyone is ready to say no to the drinks. For those who can’t resist the famous drinks, dentists suggest ways to reduce the potential damage.

How do fuzzy drinks impair our teeth?
Well, the high contents of acid, sugar and starch damage tooth enamel that leads to tooth decay that can’t be repaired once affected.

However, using a straw that is positioned directly to your mouth decreases the contact between soda and enamel and in that way reduces the risk of enamel damage.

You shouldn’t brush your teeth immediately after a drink but rinsing your mouth could be a good idea. Also, it is not wise to hold the drink for a long time in the mouth but swallow the drink as soon as you take it.

In the end, make sure you chose a fluoride containing toothpaste and that you use it at least twice a day to reduce plaque and tooth decay.