hi. Im scared. For many years, Ive experienced various feelings of painful heaviness to stabbing pains inside my vagina I imagine were my cervix is and its on the left side. I have had smears and internal examinations and swab tests all negative. The last time I had test was because I could smell a strange smell. Wasnt fishy and I had no discharge for months. The test came back negative and the smell went and my normal discharge returned.
Sometimes this pain is not there for months but when It does reappear its always diferent or worse. For example new addition is when I start to become sexualy arroused it stabs me deep inside as the blood goes to that area I imagine then its gone. Sex doesnt hurt at all. Not once nor do I bleed after sex etc.
Im 38 and my periods sstarted yestreday, I noticed when I was peeing a few times I got a stabbing pain inside me in the same place. Its not the uretha area its inside my vagina. Now today its sore a lot inside when I stand up or sit oddly. I darent examine myself. I had swabs done 9 mths ago and my smears are over done if anything because of this. Nothing was found and apparently my cervix looks normal. I had a coil fitted 12 yrs ago and they could fit it without putting me alseep as my cervix was too tight apparently so they couldnt get it in w/o hurting me. Im wondering if I have scars from the coil I had for 5 yrs ?
I normally use tampons but I cant bare to even try put one in right now.
Im really worried as I had malignant melanoma 2 yrs ago and whilst they caught it before it spread I still have to be examined for 5 yrs and worry this is cancer.
I also have internal piles which can be REALLY painful when going to the toilet I have to grab something as the pain passes as I do a bowl movment. Its not always there just now and again just before I realise I have to go to the toliet.
WOnder if its all linked somehow.
Anyone had similar feelings?
Im not very sexually active but when I am