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Hello im 23,

And i was wondering what i should do? I have had sore nipples to the touch for three days now and i am sexually active which last time during my around my ovulation period my and my fiancé  had a condom issue which ended up in a mess. But i have been feeling kinda nausea but not fully and my period is every 20 days which the last one ended around the 12 or 13 but it was really weird one. I have been really up and down with my mood swings for two days maybe. I heard its also ovulation  symptoms but i have never gotten this symptom and its not one of my period either.

If yal could give  me some advice  that would be greatly appreciated because i heard it can also be breast cancer signs


If you had condom issues, ie it broke, slipped off, semen /sperm than there is good chance you got semen / sperm inside you and bring that you were near the time of ovulation, it is possible you are now experiencing pregnancy symptoms (Sore breasts, Nausea, mood swings). Are you also getting more creamy white discharge from your vagina? I would suggest taking a (HPT) home pregnancy test.