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My Girlfriends period started on the 9th July with a cycle time of 30 days, an app she uses says her ovulation day (fertility day more specifically is what the app says) is on the 23rd July. Last night (so the evening of the 16th and morning of the 17th July) we have protected sex twice and I ejaculated, the first inside the condom which was just inside, the second was outside of her in the condom. I tested the condoms for leaks afterwards and none were present. My only concern is that the second time we did it (around 5am on the 17th July morning) when I took it out to ejaculate it bent awkwardly and some of the semen went down the lower part of the condom down the shaft away from the head but still stayed in the condom. My girlfriend is now concerned if she is pregnant or not and I am worried as well because I have to go away for almost a year in a couple weeks before we get to see each other again. So based on this infomation could she be pregnant? When doing research there are so many mixed reviews on how long fertility periods actually are and it all gets very confusing.

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Ok to put it simple sperm can survive for up to 5 days in the female reproductive system if the conditions are right just waiting for the egg to be released but once the egg is released it only has around 24 hours to be fertilized before it dies. Ovulation should take place around half way going from the start of menstruation in your gf's situation that would be around 15 days give or take a day either way.
By what you have said in my opinion there would be little chance of pregnancy if no semen actually came in contact with her vagina.
Hope this helps.